Applying for ERISA Group Disability Benefits

In case you are a disabled person and are unable to work, consult an Augusta disability lawyer for the enforcement of your long-term disability benefits. Even though you qualify for disability benefits because your employer has taken a disability policy, the procedure for getting these benefits is quite lengthy. The following article seeks to provide you with basic information on an ERISA policy.

What is ERISA?

Most disability policies are guided by a federal rule known as ERISA. It stands for Employee Retirement Income Security Act. The ERISA law came into being in 1974 and governs almost all welfare benefits of employees. If the insurance company turns down your application for disability benefits, you can ask an Augusta disability attorney to file a law suit based on ERISA.

Why Should You Be Cautious During Your First Claim?

During your first disability claim, the judge will go through your claim and check other relevant documents. If you failed to provide sufficient evidence for your claim or made mistakes when applying, you are likely not to win. The insurance provider only has to show the court why reasonable grounds for denying you the benefits. You should have an Augusta disability lawyer with you to make sure your first claim is as solid as possible.

How to Apply For a Long-Term Disability Claim:

Before you consider filing your claim, you need to read through the basics of the policy. Your attorney will help you draft a request to the insurance plan administrator, asking them to give you copies of the summary plan description and the insurance policy.

You need to find out the definition of disability according to the policy for you to determine your disability date. The disability date is the basis upon which you will know when you are supposed to make a claim and when payments are supposed to start. Ask your Augusta disability attorney to help you identify your disability date.

Gather all the documentation that proves your disability and the day you stopped working.
You need to know all the deadlines you have to meet in order to have a good chance of getting your benefits. One of the important deadlines is the time within which you are required to make an appeal.
You should have all the medical documents that support your condition since it is the basis upon which the insurance provider will accept or reject your claim. Medical records provide your Augusta disability lawyer with crucial evidence to pursue your case.

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