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What is SVP?

SVP stands for specific vocational preparation which is a definition for every job that is out there and the classification and skill set of your job. A manager of a big department store may have a SVP of 8 because it takes a long time to learn how to do that job. What is important is that if you have an SVP 1 or 2 you can be replaced quickly because it does not take much skill to learn but with someone who has an SVP 8 it takes longer to replace them.

At a hearing why does a judge ask about transferrable skills?

It is the deciding factor in if you can do other work. A manger who hires and fires people and over sees a large operation, it takes a long time to reach that level. That person has a ton of skill that will transfer to other jobs. If he can no longer do what he was doing he has skills that will transfer to other jobs and will not be found disabled because you can still work. A lot of jobs are industry specific so an example of skills not transferring is a welder who can no longer squat down. If they don’t have jobs in construction that play to his disability, he does not have transferrable skills.

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